How to Choose Unique Stock Photos for your Website

How to Choose Unique Stock Photos for your Website

Unique stock photos have an undeniable impact on a website’s success. They transcend language and words for the greater understanding of the topic discussed. They also make your brand appear as professional and credible, which immediately build trust and guide visitors to take action. They capture authenticity. Using this type of images will help you market to a larger audience as they are shareable. Get images for your website now.

Unique and compelling images are the key to making your website look professional. Based on the images alone, readers will immediately recognize what your business does. How do you choose stock photos that look unique and authentic? Here are a few tips:

  1. Be clear about the purpose of the image. Many stock photos seem to look out of place and clichéd. It’s because some people are just throwing them in without carefully evaluating their purpose. For instance, the photo used for a professional business site should be more serious than that of a humorous website. Also, consider if the image will appear by itself or with some text.
  2. Understand what makes a photo unauthentic. You have to be able to distinguish between authentic and unauthentic imagery in order to make the right selections for your website. Analyze the specific scenario on which your photo will be used to determine whether it looks authentic or inauthentic for the project. Inauthentic images lack personality, are too literal, and usually have wide angle-shots. Watch out and avoid these qualities to make sure you will be using unique stock photos on your website.
  3. Choose a photo that complement your message. The uniqueness of the photo also relies on its consistency with your messaging. Many stock images were only chosen simply for the article to have an image. Some are chosen because they grab the audience’s attention. Ordinarily, there’s nothing wrong with this. However, it may overwhelm your readers that it’s all they focus on rather than your marketing message or content.
  4. Choose an image with a person or a person smiling. Images with a smiling face has many beneficial results because they exude a positive attitude. A person who looks at a picture of a smiling person is more likely to feel good about your brand. Unique stock photos also increases the personality of your message.
  5. Use realistic context. Although stock photos are staged, there are others that doesn’t look as such. For instance, a website about travels would look more realistic if it were to include images of people in the airport rather than a clichéd picture of a beach.

Now that you know how to choose unique stock images for your website, the question is where can you find these awesome photos? Photocase and Stock Photo Secrets are two of the best sources for premium stock images.

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