Why Should You Purchase Diverse Stock Photos?

Why Should You Purchase Diverse Stock Photos?

In the past years, the results you get when searching for the typical family were pictures of white and heterosexual people. However, a lot has changed today. Stock photo agencies now offer diverse stock photos because they fear accusations of discrimination and because businesses are now looking for stock images that represent everybody equally. They help you connect with ALL of your audiences, no matter what color or gender. Click here for more.

Key Facts:

  • Almost half of businesses have already been using diverse stock photos in the past 12 months.
  • Over a third have used images of homosexual couples.
  • A third believes it is important to use images that represent modern day society.


With these facts, it is clear that diverse stock photos are getting more popular. They represent diversity in all its greatness and create compelling designs. That’s why you should purchase imagery with an authentic and natural feel. Many stock photo agencies already offer this type of photos, including Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Images and Stock Photo Secrets. They are all great sources of high quality, commercially worthy, and ready to use images that represent diversity.

But, there is another great source of images that depict multiple culture, ethnicities and life choices – Photocase. The stock site boasts images that do not look or feel like “stock” photos. Their DIVERSITY collection features over 70 images of individuals that represent various origins, colors, religions, and sexual orientation. Here’s a brief summary of what else the stock agency offers:

  • Atypical, artistic and unique stock imagery
  • Reduced library of high quality images
  • On-demand purchases and credit packs
  • Royalty free license

Photocase has an intentionally small library of super high quality and highly curated images in various topics, styles and models. Their collection is more artsy than typical stock photography, which is why it is also priced higher. But compared to traditional image banks that offer this kind of imagery, their price is lower. Individual prices are based on size and are fairly reasonable for premium stock images with flexible usage rights.

  • Small: $10
  • Standard: $15
  • Large: $20

Another way to purchase images is through credit packs. The packs come with a certain number of credits, which you pay in advance to later use them to download images. Images are also priced according to size when you use credits to buy them.

  • Small: 3 credits
  • Standard: 6 credits
  • Large: 10 credits

To get the better deal, we recommend you buy images with credits. You can purchase a single image for as low as $10.90 with credits, which is cheaper than the $20 individual photo price. And the best of all, credits do not expire. You can buy as many as you wish and use them anytime you want – certainly an easy and flexible way to save in your stock photos.

Consumers are becoming savvier about typical stock images that it is getting more a challenge to capture their attention and please them. By introducing diversity into the images, you can convey your brand message, connect with your audience and make sure everybody is represented equally.

How to Choose Unique Stock Photos for your Website

How to Choose Unique Stock Photos for your Website

Unique stock photos have an undeniable impact on a website’s success. They transcend language and words for the greater understanding of the topic discussed. They also make your brand appear as professional and credible, which immediately build trust and guide visitors to take action. They capture authenticity. Using this type of images will help you market to a larger audience as they are shareable. Get images for your website now.

Unique and compelling images are the key to making your website look professional. Based on the images alone, readers will immediately recognize what your business does. How do you choose stock photos that look unique and authentic? Here are a few tips:

  1. Be clear about the purpose of the image. Many stock photos seem to look out of place and clichéd. It’s because some people are just throwing them in without carefully evaluating their purpose. For instance, the photo used for a professional business site should be more serious than that of a humorous website. Also, consider if the image will appear by itself or with some text.
  2. Understand what makes a photo unauthentic. You have to be able to distinguish between authentic and unauthentic imagery in order to make the right selections for your website. Analyze the specific scenario on which your photo will be used to determine whether it looks authentic or inauthentic for the project. Inauthentic images lack personality, are too literal, and usually have wide angle-shots. Watch out and avoid these qualities to make sure you will be using unique stock photos on your website.
  3. Choose a photo that complement your message. The uniqueness of the photo also relies on its consistency with your messaging. Many stock images were only chosen simply for the article to have an image. Some are chosen because they grab the audience’s attention. Ordinarily, there’s nothing wrong with this. However, it may overwhelm your readers that it’s all they focus on rather than your marketing message or content.
  4. Choose an image with a person or a person smiling. Images with a smiling face has many beneficial results because they exude a positive attitude. A person who looks at a picture of a smiling person is more likely to feel good about your brand. Unique stock photos also increases the personality of your message.
  5. Use realistic context. Although stock photos are staged, there are others that doesn’t look as such. For instance, a website about travels would look more realistic if it were to include images of people in the airport rather than a clichéd picture of a beach.

Now that you know how to choose unique stock images for your website, the question is where can you find these awesome photos? Photocase and Stock Photo Secrets are two of the best sources for premium stock images.

Photocase has a superb collection of artistic images with the highest quality and greatest sense of uniqueness. They put a special focus on curation to ensure a premium level on their images. On the other hand, Stock Photo Secrets offers premium handpicked royalty free images at very low prices. Their collection of 4 million images can be downloaded in super high resolution and can be kept forever.

Stock Photo Secrets: A Place to Learn about Stock Photo Agencies

Stock Photo Secrets: A Place to Learn about Stock Photo Agencies

With the increasing number of stock photo agencies in the market, it is getting more difficult to find your primary image source. Thankfully, StockPhotoSecrets.com has made it easier to compare stock photo sites. With detailed information about different agencies, you can easily determine which suits your creative needs and budget best. Even greater news, you can grab coupons for various stock photo sites to further your savings.

What are the stock photo agencies featured in Stock Photo Secrets?

  • Shutterstock
    SPS has a long and good relationship with one of the most popular stock photo sites in the market. Shutterstock gives SPS access to some of the biggest deals, allowing avid readers to save as much as 20 percent on images on-demand and subscription plans. Currently, the website offers an exclusive coupon code with 15% off subscription and footage.
  • iStock
    iStock also has a great relationship with Stock Photo Secrets, giving the latter exclusive deals on subscriptions. This 2018, you can save big with 15% off. Just visit the SPS website to learn more about iStock and to grab a promo code.
  • Adobe Stock
    Adobe’s very own stock photo site is also recommended by experts in Stock Photo Secrets. Numerous articles about Adobe Stock and their offerings are available in the Buyers-Guide. Currently, SPS offers a free code for the one month free trial on the stock agency. Get the deal now before the offer expires on February 28, 2018.
  • Photocase
    If you are looking for diverse stock photos, you will find that Photocase best suits your needs. Their authentic and trendy images represent diversity in many ways. You can also get a Photocase coupon code from SPS, giving you 3 FREE credits and a 20% discount on credit packs.
  • Getty Images
    Stock Photo Secrets is also affiliated with the top stock photo agency in the market. Getty Images targets creatives, businesses and the media. Promo codes are available in SPS, too. If you want to experience one of the best stock photo websites without breaking the bank, be sure to grab a coupon.

Many other stock photo agencies are featured in SPS, such as Depositphotos and ThinkStock. You can browse through the Buyers-Guide section to learn more about them or grab a coupon from the coupons section. Stock Photo Secrets has a user-friendly website. You can navigate throughout the site easy and fast.

Stock Photo Secrets is not only a go-to place to learn more about stock photo websites. They also offer some of the highest quality stock photos at the lowest prices. Their 99 Club plan is the most popular subscription, giving you access to over 4 million high resolution images and letting you download 200 XXL images per year. There are no monthly download limits, so you can get as many images as you need.

What are you waiting for? Visit StockPhotoSecrets and find out which stock agency best suits your creative needs and budget. Be sure to check out the site’s offering, too. SPS may be the right stock site for you!



Top 3 Tips to Find the Best Stockphoto

Top 3 Tips to Find the Best Stockphoto

Looking through thousands of pages to find what you are looking is not a rewarding task itself. Luckily, stock photo agencies have improved their image search over the years. Now, it is easier to find the best stockphoto for your projects. To maximize the search image function of Stock Photo Secrets, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Use multiple keyword search tips. When you search for flowers, you will find over 270,000 results. Many of them will not suit your creative needs and style. To find the best stockphoto, enter the exact keywords you are looking for. For instance, type small yellow flowers to sort out other images and cut the result into 2,296. That saves you a lot of time from going through hundreds of pages.
  • Be specific in your photo search. What are you exactly looking for in an image? Are you looking for a male or female model? Is your site about pets? The search term family generations give you over 14,000 results. You can cut down the results to 1,567 when you search for mother daughter grandmother and save more time. When looking for locations, apply the same tip. When you type America in the keyword search, you will get an astounding 75,727 images. Type Arizona and cut it down to 2,896.
  • Use advanced search options. Most stock photo agencies have advanced search options. Although they may not be that intuitive to use, they can save a lot of time. As long as you know the specific purpose and position of the image in your design, you can cut out a third or more of the initial search result. The advanced search option offers specific search for horizontal/landscape versus vertical/portrait orientation.

Another way to find the best stockphoto from Stock Photo Secrets easy and fast is including and excluding search terms. For instance, you can enter Asian, African or American if you are looking for a photo with a specific ethnicity.